September 4th Meeting

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MOPS Meeting Recap
September 4, 2013
The fall semester of MOPS of Midlothian got off to a beautiful start this week! We were greeted by the
welcoming faces of the steering team and DGLs before enjoying the delicious breakfast they had
prepared for our first meeting.
Pastor Bruce Prindle welcomed our roomful of moms by encouraging us to persevere through the
sometimes-difficult journey of motherhood. He reminded us that we won’t regret the time spent with
our children and opened our meeting in prayer.
Co-coordinators Becca Dycus and Natalie Holleman started off our meeting by giving out three door
prizes and putting the winners in the hot seat. Then we were introduced to this year’s theme, “A
Beautiful Mess,” and we met the 2013-2014 steering team.
Next, we got a chance to get to know the other ladies sitting at our tables! M&Ms provided a creative
(and delicious!) icebreaker before each table made centerpieces out of flower pens.
After meeting the moms we’ll be sitting with for the semester, we learned more about the rest of the
moms in the group by playing the four corners game, where we answered questions by walking to the
corresponding corners of the room with like-minded moms.
The morning ended with announcements:
Cookbooks are on sale! They’re $10 each and can be reserved by emailing Megan Koelker at Books will also be available for purchase at future meetings.
September events:
Playdate – Park and Picnic at Hawkins Spring Park, Wednesday, 9/25 @ 11:45 AM
MNO – Art Barn in Waxahachie, Saturday, 9/28 @ 6:30 PM ($35)
Save the date: Our silent auction will be held on October 16. Details are coming soon!
Thank you for being a part of MOPS! We hope to see you all at our next meeting on September 18, when
Angie Nichols will
share about her journey of growing from a child of God to the Bride of Christ through
her then-four-year-old daughter Mycah’s cancer.
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