Mid Semester Survey

Good morning, Mommas! Our entire Steering Team cares deeply for each one you, and even though we are still a relatively new MOPS group, we are always working hard to give you the best MOPS experience possible. We are always open to trying new things to better serve you ladies. That is why we love your feedback on ways we can improve our program to give you a fun, enriching, quality time at MOPS during each and every meeting. We want to hear from you, to know your concerns, highlights, and ideas! We desire to do our best to create a program that meets each of your needs and expectations, and is also a blessing in your life. We know that there were a few difficulties or disappointments that unexpectedly arose during the fall semester, especially concerning speakers, outreach and fundraising. Please know that we are diligently and prayerfully addressing those issues, and we would like to use those experiences to help us improve our program and prepare an awesome spring semester for all of you. To this end, we have created a mid-semester survey. Please take a moment to give us your feedback about your MOPS experience so far. We will carefully consider your feedback in our future planning. We are excited about all of the possibilities the spring semester holds, and we pray that each one of you will continue to choose to be a part of our wonderful MOPS family~

~In Christ,

Becca Dycus

(MOPS Coordinator)

Click here to fill our our Evaluation and Survey. If you could please find time before 12/20 to fill this out so we can discuss changes before the new Semester. Thank you .


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