M.O.M | Moms on Mops Series

Have you noticed the increase of quizzes popping up all over social media? For example, you can take a quiz and find out which Disney princess you are, what city you should really live in, what your personality type is, etc. But here’s an important quiz you may not have taken yet. Just answer yes or no to the following questions:

1. Does your living room floor often look like the toy aisle at Target?

2. Did you eat a meal this week that consisted entirely of the leftover crusts from your kids’ peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?

3. Have you completely forgotten the bliss of an uninterrupted night of sleep?

4. Can you change a diaper with one hand, wipe a nose with the other hand, and carry on a phone conversation all at the same time?

5. Has your little black dress been replaced with a black sweatshirt and yoga pants?

6. Can you remember the last time you talked to another adult without having to spell any words?

7. Have you given up on even shutting the bathroom door anymore, because the little ones will always find you and they know how to pick a lock?

8. Have you ever caught yourself saying things you never thought you’d hear coming out of your mouth, like, “Why are you licking the baby?” or “The kitchen table is not a napkin!”?

9. Do you mean the world to a little boy or girl?

10. Did a little person hug your neck this morning and whisper, “I love you, Mommy?”

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these quiz questions, then you just might be the mother of a preschooler!

Despite what a social media quiz might have told you, being the mother of a preschooler is far from being a Disney princess. There are no fairy godmothers who magically appear and clean out the diaper pail, wash all the dishes in the sink, leave a casserole in the oven, and care for the baby while you soak in a hot bath reading the latest fashion magazine. Most likely, you are exhausted, lonely, overwhelmed, and in need of some serious help and some time to yourself. But, you are not on this journey alone! The Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) program at FBC, Midlothian is made just for you and the unique needs you have right now as you live through one of the most difficult seasons of motherhood.

In fact, the spring semester of MOPS at FBC, Midlothian is well under way, and moms just like you are getting the break, the encouragement, and the support they need not just to survive these early years of motherhood, but also to thrive and maybe even enjoy them!

On the first and third Wednesday morning of each month, moms of preschoolers gather together at FBC, Midlothian for 2 hours of time that is devoted just to them.  While their little ones are well-cared for playing happily in their own classrooms, these MOPS mommas get to experience the pleasure of eating breakfast without having to share a single bite with a little person. They get to sit with a group of women who understand the journey of motherhood because they are on the journey as well! They get to share ideas, share concerns, share tears, share prayer requests, share praises, share their stories, share laughter, and share friendship too. Not only that, but during each meeting, a few moms always walk away winners! Amazing door prizes like free dinners, free hair-cut and style, free night’s stay at a local hotel, as well as other fabulous prizes have already been given away to some very deserving MOPS mammas, and there are still great prizes to be won as the semester continues.

In addition to yummy food, exciting prizes, and much-needed fellowship, at one meeting per month, MOPS mammas also hear from a special speaker who shares valuable insight on a variety of motherhood-related topics that most moms find helpful, encouraging, and even inspiring. The other meeting each month is usually devoted to giving moms the opportunity to explore their hidden talents and creativity through games and craft projects that are entertaining, fun and foster meaningful friendships.

The MOPS program at FBC Midlothian even extends beyond the walls of the church, as Moms-Night-Out events and group play dates are scheduled regularly. In fact, just last month, twenty-four MOPS moms filled the booths at Branded Burger in Midlothian for a delicious dinner and delightful conversations shared with fellow MOPS friends. Recently, gift cards to Target and movie theaters have been left in secret locations like Starbucks and FBC just waiting for MOPS mommas to claim them. This semester, MOPS moms will also serve their local community by collecting canned food for Manna House, and hosting a bake sale at the Heroes of Midlothian 5K event in May.

MOPS at FBC, Midlothian is a community of women dedicated to loving, accepting, supporting, and encouraging moms from all over Ellis County.  MOPS is so much more than a mommy group. It is a program committed to the truth that better moms make a better world, and no mom should ever be left to mother alone.

Content Written by: Lis Espinoza


One thought on “M.O.M | Moms on Mops Series

  1. Shirlena Espinoza says:

    Fabulously well-written, Lis. It makes me want to join MOPS and I don’t even have preschoolers.

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