Meeting Recap 2.19.2014

Last week, with their children happily playing in the MOPPETS classrooms, mothers of preschoolers gathered together for another amazing MOPS meeting at FBC, Midlothian. After MOPS Coordinator, Becca Dycus, opened the meeting with a word of prayer, moms began filling their breakfast plates with tasty servings of hot egg casseroles, baked oatmeal, banana bread, cinnamon rolls, croissants, and a colorful assortment of fresh fruit. Steaming cups of coffee and cold cups of orange juice made the meal just about perfect. In between delicious bites of a much appreciated breakfast, moms laughed together and began to relax and settle in for a morning devoted to them and their needs.

Conversations quieted as all moms looked eagerly at their door prize tickets hoping to be one of two lucky winners who would go home with a gorgeous, fabric-wrapped wreath with stylish burlap and fabric roses handmade by MOPS Hospitality Coordinator, Elizabeth Morris. Then more laughter spread throughout the room when several moms took to the stage to participate in a hilarious question-answer game with an added dash of “Would You Rather?”

Amanda Huerta, MOPS Outreach Coordinator, stepped onto the stage next to introduce the MOPS outreach project for the spring semester. During the month of March, MOPS moms will be given the opportunity to donate canned food items that will be given to Manna House to bless local families in Midlothian. Amanda explained that there will be a collection box available at both of the MOPS meetings in March for moms who would like to donate such items as canned meat, hamburger helper, cereal, peanut butter, pasta, and more.

Continuing the February MOPS theme of love and marriage, MOPS Creative Activities Coordinator, Linda Blake, introduced the craft activity and gave the moms instructions on how to create a “Date Night Jar”, “Family Fun Night Jar”, “Recipe Jar”, “Contact a Friend Jar”, or even a “Housekeeping Jar” depending on the needs of individual moms in the room. Each mom received a small mason jar, a cute sticker label, ribbon, markers, and at least a dozen craft sticks. On each stick, moms were encouraged to write an idea for a fun date with their husband, an idea for an enjoyable family activity, an idea for a recipe, an idea for a housekeeping chore, or even the name of a friend who needed a note or phone call, depending on which type of jar the mom decided to create.

For the “Date Night Jar”, several ideas where shared with the whole group including one from MOPS Prayer-Care Coordinator, Suzette Perlmutter, who suggested a free date in which the husband and wife could visit a bookstore, select books with titles describing each other, then share the books with one another explaining why the books were chosen. Another inexpensive date night idea was to visit a local store such as Target where the husband and wife would each have $5 to spend on each other. Then, sitting at a local coffee shop, they would exchange the items and share why they chose the items for one another. “Family Fun Jar” ideas included a backyard movie night, making smores in the fireplace, and even taking the family out around town to be a “tourist”, taking cheesy pictures along the way.

After an enjoyable time of crafting and meaningful discussions with friends, the meeting was closed in prayer, and moms left feeling refreshed, relaxed, and encouraged. Each mom was able to return to her house with a jar full of ideas to nurture her marriage, her family, her friends, or her home. And each mom left eagerly anticipating the next meeting which promises the opportunity for more fellowship, another delicious breakfast, exciting door prizes, an outreach project, and the chance to hear from fellow MOPS mom and Discussion Group Leader, Melissa Tidmore, who will be sharing a message about what it means to be a submissive wife in keeping with Biblical guidelines and principles. MOPS at FBC, Midlothian is truly a place where moms can gather to be welcomed and nurtured, because MOPS moms know that better moms make a better world, and they believe that no mom should be left to mother alone.


Written by Lis Espinoza


One thought on “Meeting Recap 2.19.2014

  1. Shirlena Espinoza says:

    Lis., You use such vivid language; you are an outstanding writer! I love the way you weave word imagery. Fantastic job, lady. Love, Shirlena

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