Fun Easter Theme Crafts for kids

Popcorn Lamb Craft


  • Cardstock or Construction Paper
  • White School Glue
  • White Popcorn
  • Ribbon


  1. Draw and cut out a lamb head, body and legs out of cardstock or construction paper. Glue the head and legs to the body.
  2. Spread a thin layer of white school glue onto the lamb body. Sprinkle white popcorn onto the lamb body. Allow to dry.
  3. Use the ribbon to create a hanger and bow tie to decorate the lamb.


Easter Egg







This week we got together with a couple of cousins to make a fun little Easter craft. We made these cute {and super simple} baby chicks and I thought I’d show you how we made them.
Here’s what you’ll need:
Here’s how you’ll make your chicks:
Step 1:
Out of orange card stock or construction paper cut two long strips for your chicks legs, a little diamond for a beak and two little chick feet.
Step 2:
Start making the chicks legs by accordion style folding each strip of orange paper. Next glue the feet to the bottom of each leg.
Step 3.
Attach your legs to the bottom of your paper plate. Fold the orange diamond in half to make the chicks beak and attach to the centre of your plate.
Step 4:
Now add your goggly eyes and attach some feathers to the back of the plate to give your chick some fluffy wings and that’s it. You’re done!





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