Meeting Recap April 2nd

Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) gathered together once again on the morning of April 2nd at FBC, Midlothian. At this meeting, MOPS members greatly enjoyed the much anticipated “Tea and Testimony” meeting that takes place every year toward the end of the spring semester. In advance of this meeting, each table group decorated their tables using the “Artist” theme as inspiration for their table designs. Upon arriving at the meeting, MOPS members were thrilled at the sight of tables colorfully decorated with flowers, burlap, chevron, tulle, candles, photographs, placemats, real china place settings, and much more! MOPS members were then treated to a lovely breakfast that was generously catered by Heritage House. Each MOPS mom enjoyed a delicious serving of a breakfast casserole, two varieties of mini-muffins, and fresh fruit kabobs. Breakfast time was followed by the giving away of very special door prizes to some extremely excited MOPS members.

Following breakfast, MOPS members were blessed to listen to three special speakers who shared their personal testimonies with the group. First, MOPS mom and Sweet Silver table’s Discussion Group Leader, Stephanie Ramirez, spoke to the group about her journey through infertility and how she became a mommy through the adoption of her three children. Many MOPS moms were reaching for tissues while listening to Stephanie share about the beauty of God’s timing and answered prayers, and the grace and mercy of God in her life.

Then, MOPS mom and Beautiful Blue table’s Discussion Group Leader, Jennifer Bankhead, shared her testimony of seeking the Lord and finding him. She shared about entering into a life of service to God, and seeing her own mother come to know Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior. Jennifer’s charm, humility, and humor as she bravely shared her personal story were memorable highlights of the morning.

Finally, MOPS mom and Radiant Red table member, Julia Oldham, shared about her experiences after becoming a new mother. She explained in detail how lonely and isolated she felt after the birth of her son, and how she desperately longed for connection with others. She expressed thankfulness for the connections and friendships she has made through MOPS, and how from the very first meeting she attended, MOPS was a place where she felt cared for, accepted, supported, and encouraged. For Julia, MOPS has been an answer to prayer, and a tremendous blessing in her life.

From a lovely, catered breakfast, to the lavishly decorated tables, to the testimonies of three, precious MOPS moms, this Tea and Testimony meeting stands out as one of the favorite meetings of the whole MOPS year.


Written by Elisabeth Espinoza DGL Coordinator

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