Meeting Recap for April 16th

Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) gathered together once again on the morning of April 16th at FBC, Midlothian to enjoy a special time specifically designed for the purposes of developing meaningful friendships, growing wiser in our roles as mothers of young children, and nurturing our personal relationships with Jesus Christ.

MOPS meetings would be incomplete without yummy breakfast treats! So, at this meeting, breakfast was generously provided by the MOPS members at the Peaceful Pink and Beautiful Blue tables, who also helped with clean-up after the meetings. In addition to the breakfast tables set out with food to share, the Free Table and the Library Table were also available during this April MOPS meeting.
After breakfast, Dr. Bruce Prindle, Pastor of FBC, Midlothian, spoke to the group about the promise of Easter. Bruce shared that for those who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, Easter might just be the most hope-filled holiday of all. With the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Christ-followers are assured the promise of eternal life. With this promise of eternal life, believers can face all of the trials and struggles of life with the peace and assurance that comes from knowing the certainty of their future, an eternal life in the presence of God. Bruce encouraged all MOPS moms to seek a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, so the hope of Easter, the blessing and promise of eternal life with the Lord, can be theirs.

Following this special message of hope from Bruce, MOPS moms participated in table group discussions, sharing their Easter memories and family Easter traditions. Moms were also given handouts containing suggestions and tips for celebrating Easter with preschoolers.
After table group discussion time, awesome door prizes were given away to a few thrilled MOPS moms. Then, the MOPS Hospitality Coordinator, Elizabeth Morris, introduced an ice-breaker game. The game involved throwing a light-weight ball around the room. A variety of interesting questions were written on the ball. When a mom caught the ball, she was asked to answer whatever question was under her right thumb. Although there were some near misses, and even a couple of heads that were lightly hit by the ball, the game was a fun and creative way for the entire group to interact together and learn more about each other.

After the conclusion of the ice-breaker game, the MOPS Coordinator, Becca Dycus, shared the MOPS International theme for the 2014-2015 MOPS year. The new theme, “Be you bravely” addresses the need for moms to have courage in their relationships, courage in their mothering, courage in their decision-making, courage in sharing their stories, and courage to be their authentic selves. Becca also shared the new FBC, Midlothian MOPS dues for the 2014 fall semester, and all MOPS members were given an application to pre-register for the fall semester.

After spending time enjoying breakfast, wise words from a special speaker, group discussions time, an ice-breaker game, and hearing information about the coming MOPS year, this MOPS meetings ended with a word of encouragement and prayer from the MOPS Prayer-Care Coordinator, Suzette Perlmutter. MOPS members left this meeting feeling encouraged, connected, and excited about all the possibilities that MOPS has in store for the future.


Written By Elisabeth Espinoza

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