Meeting Recap for May 7th

On Wednesday, May 7th, members of MOPS at FBC, Midlothian dropped of their sweet children in the MOPPETS program, and proceeded to the MOPS meeting room to soak-up a couple of hours of food, fun, and fellowship. After arriving, moms filled their plates with a very yummy assortment of breakfast items generously provided by the Sweet Silver, Lovely Lavender, and Opulent Orange tables. If they were interested, moms could also stop by the Free Table and the Library table to take advantage of those opportunities. In addition to a breakfast plate, each MOPS member eagerly secured a door prize ticket, hoping to win one of eight prizes that morning! Those moms who held a winning door prize ticket went home with fabulous prizes including, jewelry, a certificate for a free haircut, and even a certificate for free laundry services!

After breakfast, MOPS members were given the opportunity to create their very own pieces of jewelry. The MOPS Creative Activities Coordinator, Linda Blake, had set out all of the supplies needed for each mom to make a “bird nest” pendant out of wire and beads, as well as buttons and twine to make button bracelets. Table groups were dismissed one at a time to go to the craft tables to select their supplies. Moms could choose from three different colors of wire, and several different colors of pearl beads. Most moms selected beads that would represent their children. The Steering Team members at each table helped demonstrate how to make the jewelry nest, and moms got busy forming something amazingly beautiful out of a simple piece of wire and a few beads. Once they were finished making the nest pendant, many moms collected the supplies they would need to make a bracelet or even a necklace out of thin twine and an assortment of buttons in various sizes and colors. In addition to making jewelry, MOPS members enjoyed a pleasant time of conversation with the other moms at their tables.
At two points during the meeting, the lights were dimmed, and short video clips were presented. These video clips were humorous and inspirational, showing how important mothers are to their children, their families, and their community.

A special time was also set aside during the meeting, for MOPS members to complete the end of the year survey. The information gathered from the completed surveys will be used by the Steering Team leaders as they plan and prepare the MOPS program for the 2014-2015 MOPS year.
Lis Espinoza, the MOPS Discussion Group Team Leader, was surprised when she was asked to come to the stage. Then, the Discussion Group Leaders from each table joined her on the stage and presented her with a gift basket in appreciation for the leadership and encouragement she had offered to the DGLs throughout the MOPS year.

Near the end of the meeting, the Finance Coordinator, Brandy Conklin, came up to the stage to explain the new MOPS dues for the 2014 fall semester. Then, Megan Koelker, the MOPS Fundraising Coordinator, spoke to the group, reminding them about the spring fundraising opportunity, and encouraging every MOPS member to donate some baked goods to the MOPS bake sale that would take place at the Heroes of Midlothian event on May 17th.
The meeting was concluded with a word of prayer, and each MOPS mom left excited to wear her hand-made jewelry creations, eagerly looking forward to the next MOPS meeting and all the potential it holds for her as she continues to nurture friendships, grow spiritually, and develop as a mother through the blessings and encouragement provided by the MOPS program.


Written by Elisabeth Espinoza

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