Meeting Recap May 21st

On Wednesday, May 21st, members of MOPS at FBC, Midlothian met together for the final meeting of the 2013-2014 MOPS year. After dozens of precious children were placed safely in the MOPPETS program, MOPS members made their way to the MOPS meeting room where they hoped to enjoy a special time designed specifically to give moms a much-needed break. Once in the meeting room, moms piled their plates high with a very delectable assortment of breakfast foods thoughtfully provided by the Sweet Silver, Lovely Lavender, and Opulent Orange tables. In addition to the breakfast table, the Free Table was also available for moms who had items they wanted to share with others.

During breakfast, the MOPS Coordinator and Co-Coordinator, Becca Dycus and Natalie Holleman, stood before the group and thanked FBC, Midlothian for making the MOPS group possible. They went on to thank all of the MOPS members for their participation in the MOPS program, and for the ways in which they supported each other in prayer and nurtured friendships throughout the MOPS year. They also thanked the Mentor Moms for being a part of the group, and for helping to support and encourage all of the new moms. Finally, Becca and Natalie, thanked the Steering Team leaders who worked so hard to make the MOPS program so successful and so meaningful to so many moms.

When breakfast was finished, each table group was encouraged to pick-up the paint can centerpiece from their table and stand in a circle. Natalie explained that each paint can contained several “summer fun” items, including a beach towel, a beach ball, sidewalk chalk, water balloons, bubbles, markers, a MOPS luggage tag, a Sonic coupon, a $5 gift certificate to the Snow Shack, and a $15 gift card to Chick-fil-A. While music played, the moms passed the paint can around the circle. When the music stopped, the mom holding the can was out of the game. The game continued until one mom was left holding the can, and she was declared the winner of the can and all the goodies contained inside. This was certainly a creative approach to ensure that one mom from every table group went home with a little bit of fun to help get the summer off to a good start. This give-away was followed by a fun ice-breaker game in which table groups competed against each other to pass large, dry sponges from one mom to another. That sure got everyone up and moving and working together!
MOPS members were then given the chance to sit back down and create not one, not two, not three, but four different preschool busy bag activities! Moms got busy with scissors, needles, thread, and hot glue guns, creatively turning fuzzy pompoms, magnet strips, craft sticks, Velcro, beads, pipe cleaners, felt, ribbon, and buttons into unique activities perfect for promoting hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and pattern/shape/color recognition. While crafting together, MOPS members enjoyed a wonderful time of conversation with the other moms at their tables.

Near the end of the meeting, the Prayer and Care Team Leader, Suzette Perlmutter, recognized the 16 members with birthdays in May or over the summer. Then, Suzette encouraged the members to be in prayer for each other over the summer months, and to share prayer requests with the group when needed. Suzette closed the meeting in a word of prayer, specifically lifting up all the members who are expecting new babies in the months ahead. Once dismissed, each MOPS mom left excited to share the new busy bags with her children, and eagerly counting down the days until the new MOPS semester begins in the fall.


Written by Elisabeth Espinoza


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