Meeting Recaps for March 5th and 19th

On the mornings of March 5 and March 19, Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) met together once again at FBC, Midlothian to enjoy a few, brief hours away from home and all the responsibilities therein. They not only gathered to share food, fun, and fellowship with each other, but also to share the support and encouragement needed to persevere through the blessedly exhausting journey of motherhood.

At both of these March meetings, delicious breakfast foods were provided by the MOPS members at the Radiant Red and Opulent Orange tables, who also stayed after the meetings to make sure everything was cleaned and put up. To a few lucky MOPS members, amazing door prizes were given away as well. As usual, the Free Table and the Library Table were all set up for moms to share items with each other, or to borrow a great book from a library collection sure to interest new moms. A donation box was also available at the front of the room for all moms wishing to participate in the MOPS spring semester’s outreach opportunity of donating canned food to Manna House in Midlothian. It was an inspiration to see the box fill-up with donations at both MOPS meetings in March, as MOPS members reached out to bless others in their community.

At the meeting on March 5th, MOPS members were treated to the wisdom of Melissa Tidmore, who shared her thoughts and ideas about what it means to be a biblical wife, what submission really means and its application in our lives, our role in our marriage, and the purpose of marriage. The flower pens that MOPS members made at the first meeting of the fall semester were kept busy as many moms took notes on the helpful ideas shared by the special speaker.

On March 19th, MOPS members spent their time being creative. Using simple, plain ceramic tiles, scrapbooking stamps and ink, and a colorful assortment of Sharpie permanent markers, moms had fun designing and creating beautifully decorated tiles that could be used later as unique, hand-made wall décor or even as coasters. It was an easy, yet wonderful craft, appreciated by all.

After spending time enjoying breakfast, group discussions, a special speaker, and craft time, both of the March MOPS meetings ended with a word of encouragement and prayer from our Prayer-Care Coordinator, Suzette Perlmutter. MOPS members left these meetings blessed, refreshed, encouraged, and eagerly anticipating more MOPS fun in the future.


(Written by Elisabeth Espinoza DGL Coordinator)


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