What to Expect At Our First Meeting on September 3

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) at FBC, Midlothian will begin their fourth year very soon! Mothers from all over the local area are excited to attend the first MOPS meeting of the fall semester on September 3rd. Each and every MOPS meeting is carefully planned to provide busy, tired moms with the opportunity to relax, to be nurtured, to be creative, to be encouraged, and to feel connected. “Be you BRAVELY, an Experiment in Courage” is the theme for this new MOPS year, and MOPS moms are eager to explore new levels of courage in their mothering, in their relationships, in their decision-making, and in their personal goals and choices.
When the moms arrive at this first MOPS meeting, they will be greeted by friendly MOPS volunteers who will help them check-in their children into the MOPPETS childcare program. MOPPETS check-in begins at 9:20 a.m. While in the MOPPETS program, the children will enjoy crafts, playtime, and snacks. They will be well-cared for while their moms benefit from a much-needed break.
Once their children are safely placed in their MOPPETS classrooms, moms will go upstairs to the MOPS meeting room where they will randomly select their discussion group table assignment for the fall semester. At each meeting, moms will sit with the same table group, growing and nurturing relationships with a core group of moms. At all MOPS meetings, MOPS members will also be treated to a buffet breakfast, door prizes, and ice-breaker games that give them the chance to learn more about each other.
At this first meeting, moms will also be introduced to their MOPS leadership team, and will learn more about this year’s MOPS theme. Moms will then have the opportunity to create a fun, craft project and participate in group discussions designed to help them grow and develop as women and mothers. The meeting will be closed in prayer, and moms will be dismissed to pick-up their children from MOPPETS.
As the new MOPS year gets underway, MOPS at FBC, Midlothian continues to be a place where moms can be themselves, bravely plunging into the beautiful mess of motherhood. There is certainly much to look forward to this year in MOPS, because MOPS moms know that better moms make a better world, and they believe that no mom should be left to mother alone.

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