MOPS KICK OFF-“The Start of Something Brave”











After a long summer break, mothers of preschoolers gathered together once again at FBC Midlothian for the first meeting of the 2014-2015 MOPS year. After checking-in their children into the wonderful MOPPETS program, MOPS moms made their way to the MOPS meeting room to find that it was cheerily decorated in shades of peach and sea-green with splashes of chevron, flowers, and gold-dipped feathers too.

The table groups filled-up fast as moms happily greeted old friends and welcomed new ones. Moms then took a moment to help themselves to delicious breakfast treats like egg casseroles, muffins, donuts, fresh fruit, and yogurt, all provided by the MOPS leaders. After sitting down to a warm meal that they didn’t have to share with any hungry little-ones, moms paused for a moment of prayer and the meeting was officially underway!

Door prizes were generously donated from Heather Fisk with HeatherAileen’s etsy shop and given out. Then we shared MOPS theme video. The moms were then encouraged to get out of their seats and introduce themselves to a new friend. This was followed by a quick game of “Four Corners” in which the MOPS moms were given a chance to learn more about each other. When moms returned to their seats, they began to create unique name tags for themselves using colored cardstock, burlap, lace, paper cut-outs, pens, scissors, glue, and zentangle doodle art. No two name tags were alike; each reflecting the uniqueness of the MOPS mom who created it. The room was humming with laughter and conversation as moms relaxed and enjoyed the time spent with their table group friends.

Ending all too quickly, the meeting was closed with a word of prayer, and moms left the room eagerly anticipating the next MOPS meeting, and a year of exploring the MOPS International theme of “Be You Bravely”. This first meeting was truly special, preparing the way for what will certainly be an amazing and meaningful MOPS year at FBC Midlothian where they wholeheartedly believe in the MOPS motto, “No mom alone”.









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