MOPS MEETING-“Courage to Be Honest, featuring Speaker and Author Shauna Niequist via video

Members of the MOPS group at FBC, Midlothian met together for their second September meeting. The theme for this meeting was “Courage to Be Honest”, and moms were looking forward to exploring truth and authenticity in their relationships.

After all the children were placed in the outstanding MOPPETS childcare program, moms entered the MOPS meeting room where a delectable breakfast awaited them, lovingly prepared by the members of the Courageous Coral table group. Becca, the MOPS Coordinator opened the meeting in a word of prayer, and moms at the table groups enjoyed a friendly ice-breaker game of “Two Truths and a Lie”. When the game was finished, door prizes were awarded. Laci won a jewelry set donated by MOPS mom, Joy from Ben Franklin Apothecary in Duncanville. New mentor mom, Kathy, won a collection of make-up donated by MOPS mom, Laci from Amway. Christina won a mom’s mini photo session donated by photographer and MOPS mom, Megan from Megan Lynn Photography. Great food, great games, and great prizes made this MOPS meeting extra-special!

Next, a MOPS International video featuring speaker and author, Shauna Niequist, was shown to the group. In the video, Shauna talked about being honest with yourself and with others. She expressed the value in having hard conversations, because honesty heals. She encouraged moms to be brave in the way they approach conflict. She emphasized the importance of speaking honestly about your own needs, so that others can offer their support. Following the video, MOPS moms engaged in a meaningful time of group discussion at their tables, exploring the difficulties and benefits of honesty and vulnerability.

As group discussions continued, the craft project was introduced by Creative Activities Coordinator, Linda. At this meeting, MOPS moms were given the opportunity to decorate and personalize white mugs using stencils and permanent marker paint pens of various colors. It was amazing to see the creativity of each mom as she designed her own, unique mug.

Finally, Prayer and Care Coordinator, Suzette, recognized all the MOPS moms who were celebrating their birthdays in the month of September. Then, she closed the MOPS meeting in a brief moment of prayer. As moms left to pick-up their children from MOPPETS, they felt encouraged and strengthened in their journey of motherhood, bravely willing to pursue honesty in their lives and in their relationships.

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