Courage to Share a Shoe Box

Gathering together at FBC, Midlothian, MOPS members enjoyed their third meeting of the fall semester. With their children having fun in the MOPPETS program, moms were able to relax and enjoy a delicious breakfast provided by the members of the Daring Dandelion table group. With full tummies and full cups of coffee, moms looked carefully at their door prize tickets, hoping to be one of the three winners. One winning ticket was held by Tiffany who was happy to receive Beauty Kit donated by Laci. The next happy winner was ****** who won a beauty kit donated by Laci. Then, Sherri won a reusable, cloth, towel roll made and donated by MOPS mom, Shelbi.

After a brief time of table group discussion and visiting, Amanda, the MOPS Outreach Coordinator, spoke in front of the group. She introduced the MOPS outreach project for the fall semester, and provided important details to the moms about how they could participate in the project. Amanda explained that the MOPS group at FBC, Midlothian would be joining with MOPS, International to support the ministry of Operation Christmas Child. Amanda shared that 45 plastic shoeboxes had been donated toward this project, and that Rising Sun Hibachi Grill in Midlothian had generously donated $210 to cover the shipping costs of 30 of those boxes. Table groups and individual MOPS members were encouraged to take one or several boxes home to fill with gifts for children in need in countries all over the world.

More information about Operation Christmas Child and shoebox gifts was given as moms watched the MOPS International video, “Courage to Share a Shoebox”. The video featured, Izabella McMillon, a woman who received a shoebox gift from Operation Christmas Child when she was a child in Communist Romania. Through the shoebox gift, she was introduced to the love of Jesus, and she came to know him as her savior. The video showed children from around the world receiving shoebox gifts containing toys, hygiene items, school supplies, and the gospel message. When the video ended, many MOPS members were wiping tears from their eyes, and in less than a few minutes, all of the 45 plastic shoeboxes had been claimed by table groups and individual moms. MOPS members were also provided with labels for their boxes and instructions on how to fill the boxes with gifts. Amanda shared that filled shoeboxes could be turned-in at the next two MOPS meetings. Table groups then enjoyed a few minutes of table group discussion about Operation Christmas Child, outreach, and generosity.

Before the meeting concluded, Brandy, the MOPS Finance Coordinator, shared that the annual fall MOPS Silent Auction Fundraiser is coming up soon, and MOPS moms may now purchase a vendor table at which to sell items from their personal businesses. Finally, Suzette, the MOPS Prayer and Care Coordinator took to the stage to give announcements about upcoming MOPS playdates and moms-night-out events. Suzette closed the meeting in prayer, and moms were dismissed to pick-up their children from the MOPPETS classrooms. As they were leaving, MOPS members could be seen hugging one another and smiling as they carried their Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes with them. MOPS members know that “Better moms make a better world”, and this fall, moms at FBC, Midlothian are going to be a part of that truth by supporting the ministry of Operation Christmas Child as it strives to share the good news of Jesus with children all over the world.

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