MEETING SUMMARY-DECEMBER 3rd “Courage to Love People Extravagantly” Bob Goff

T’was the seventh MOPS meeting, and all through FBC,

The children were laughing, and the moms were giddy.

The diaper bags had been packed by the mamas with care,

With things the kids needed while they were there.

The children and babies were snug in their classes,

So the moms went upstairs to fill up their glasses

With steaming hot coffee, or maybe some tea

Plus a plate full of breakfast to savor with glee.

Then, with breakfast all finished, and door prizes claimed,

It was time to begin a fun Christmas themed game.

With paper plates on their heads and pens in their hands,

The moms began drawing scenes that were grand.

Through the course of this game, though they couldn’t quite see,

The moms managed to draw funny Christmas trees!

Then the video started. It featured Bob Goff.

He spoke rather quickly, but his message took off.

“Be not afraid!” was the encouragement shared,

Love is quite powerful, and it must be declared.

Have the courage to love and to let your love show.

Point people to Jesus, so it’s His love they’ll know.

When the video ended, the moms felt inspired,

And the craft time began: T-shirt scarves, no sewing required.

With a few simple snips of scissors so sharp,

Each mom had created her very own scarf.

Then much, much too soon, the MOPS meeting ended.

But the hours spent together were really quite splendid.

So the moms went home happy, with new hope unfurled,

Proving that better moms really do make a better world.

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