MEETING SUMMARY FOR OCTOBER 15th “Courage to Forget Comparisons”

Enjoying a couple of hours in the company of friends is certainly time well spent, and that’s just what the members of FBC’s Mothers of Preschoolers group did when they gathered together on October 15th for the fourth MOPS meeting of the fall semester. With their young children experiencing their own MOPPETS adventures, the MOPS moms were free to savor a scrumptious, breakfast buffet provided by the lovely ladies of the Daring Dandelion table group. Door prizes were awarded to three, excited mommas, and then all of the MOPS members participated in an entertaining round of the “Name Game” guaranteed to break the ice and nurture new friendships.

After viewing the brief MOPS, International video, “Courage to Avoid Comparisons”, table group members engaged in meaningful conversations about relationships and finding significance in “being” rather than in “doing”. Then, table group conversations continued as the craft project began. With nothing more than pool noodles and burlap, MOPS moms created adorable, burlap wrapped wreaths, embellishing them with bows of ribbon, fabric flowers, miniature chalkboards, and assorted odds and ends. The finished creations were really quite stunning, and the moms were very pleased with their handmade pieces of home décor.

From brunch, to prizes, to games, to bravely exploring the topic of comparisons, to creating something lovely out of ordinary items, this MOPS meeting did not disappoint. Friendships were nurtured, creativity was fostered, and moms were reminded once again that they are not alone on their journey through motherhood.


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