MEETING SUMMARY-NOVEMBER 19th “Courage to be Significant” Aunie Brooks

With the holiday season fast approaching, the members of the Mothers of Preschoolers group at FBC, Midlothian, set aside a few hours to meet together for their sixth meeting of the fall semester. With so many demands placed upon moms during the holiday season, a relaxing morning of food, fun, and fellowship was truly necessary and simply refreshing.

While their children happily created handprint turkey art in their MOPPETS classrooms, MOPS moms enjoyed a delicious, hot breakfast provided by the members of the Fearless Fuchsia table group. Then, Monica, Heather, and LaCresha were blessed to be the winners of the “thirty-one” gift certificates that were generously donated by Wendy for the door prizes. The fun continued as the moms were divided into small groups based on their addresses so that they could get to know their MOPS “neighbors”. After a good time of visiting, MOPS moms returned to their table groups, and the morning’s special speaker was introduced.

Inspired by the theme of the meeting, “Courage to be significant”, MOPS mom, Aunie Brooks, took to the stage to talk to the moms about the significance of the hidden years of motherhood. Using the book Anonymous, by Alicia Britt Choli as her main reference source, Aunie asked moms to think about seasons in their lives in which they felt hidden or insignificant. Aunie explained that the early years of motherhood are a time when many women feel lonely, unnoticed, or left-behind. Aunie challenged moms to view the hidden season of motherhood as the opportunity to hear the voice of God more clearly without being distracted by the abundant praises or criticisms of others. She reminded moms that while they may feel overlooked and underappreciated by others, God sees them and their children at all times and longs to connect with them, to teach them, to form them, to protect them, to accept them, and to love them. Rather than simply trying to get through these difficult days, Aunie encouraged moms to use this brief time of early motherhood intentionally to get to know God intimately, to connect with him on a deeper level, and to give him the opportunity to perfect their character while focusing their eyes on what truly matters. MOPS moms were genuinely and deeply inspired by Aunie’s message and the table group discussion questions that followed.

After the announcements and closing prayer, MOPS members left the meeting with a renewed sense of purpose and hope having been encouraged by the fact that though the early years of motherhood are often hard and exhausting, they are truly formative and are lovingly used by God in the plans that he has for the lives of mothers and their children. Even during the hidden years, a MOPS mom can live confidently and abundantly in the knowledge that she is significant, her work is important, the Lord is with her, and she is never alone.

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