Meeting Summary-November 5th “Courage to Be Generous, Silent Auction, Vendor Shopping”

What could be better than visiting with friends for a couple of hours on a rainy Wednesday morning in November? Visiting with friends while also shopping and raising funds for a terrific MOPS program, of course! And that’s just what MOPS members did when they met together for the fifth MOPS meeting of the fall semester at FBC, Midlothian. The annual MOPS silent auction has always been a favorite with MOPS moms, and this year’s event did not disappoint!

While precious little ones enjoyed their crafts, lessons, and snacks in their MOPPETS classrooms, MOPS moms delighted in sampling the tasty treats at the breakfast buffet provided by the members of the Fearless Fuchsia table group. Adorable framed wall-hangings, generously donated by Charlotte, were given away as door prizes to three happy winners. Then, MOPS moms were invited to begin their shopping at the silent auction tables and the ten, different vendor booths that were set-up in the room.

At the silent auction tables, moms had the opportunity to bid on items ranging from home décor, to baby accessories, to kitchen items, to toys, and other unique offerings. All items at the silent auction were thoughtfully donated by fellow MOPS moms, and all sales from the silent auction items directly benefitted the MOPS group. Most of the vendors were MOPS moms themselves, and their booths gave moms the chance to shop for new jewelry, hair accessories, tote bags, cosmetics, essential oils, wax warmers, homemade jam, and more.

When the shopping and auction time was finished, MOPS members returned to their table groups to thoughtfully consider the ideas shared by Alexandra Kuykendall in her MOPS, International video, “Courage to Be Generous”. In the video, and in the discussion questions that followed, moms were giving the opportunity to think about how they are generous with their money, their time, and their hearts, and how they are teaching their children to be generous too. This meaningful time of reflection was concluded by announcements and a word of prayer.

Much too quickly, this wonderful MOPS meeting and silent auction came to an end. As moms left the room, they carried newly purchased items and gifts, but more importantly they left with a deeper understanding of what generosity can look like in these difficult, early years of motherhood. Not only was the MOPS budget strengthened by a successful fundraiser, but the MOPS members were once again reminded that they can be brave, courageous, and generous, because they are loved, they are cared for, and they are not alone.

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