MOPS MEETING 1-21-15 “Courage to Raise Brave Kids” video Mandy Arioto (MOPS Craft picket fence post boards)

Old fence boards may not seem like much, but in the hands of MOPS moms, they became works of art at the most recent MOPS meeting at FBC, Midlothian. While their children played and learned in their wonderful MOPPETS classrooms, MOPS moms enjoyed a delectable breakfast provided by the members of the Valiant Violet table group. Between bites of sweet doughnuts and comforting casseroles, MOPS moms chatted and hoped to be one of the lucky winners of the special Mary Kay goodie bags given away as door prizes that morning. Then, with just a little paint and lots of creativity, MOPS moms made something new and delightful out of old, weathered fence boards, creating wooden signs with hand-painted charm.

As the crafts were completed, MOPS moms turned their attention to the MOPS, International video featuring Mandy Arioto. Mandy spoke about having the courage to raise brave kids. She challenged moms to find opportunities for their children to take risks and practice being brave. As the video ended, table group friends enjoyed a time of discussion on what it means to be a brave mom raising brave kids.

From breakfast to fence boards, to good friends and brave discussions, moms from all over the community enjoyed their morning at MOPS. They not only left with new wall art to display in their homes, but they also left with a better understanding of the importance of raising brave kids. Perhaps most importantly; however, they left feeling encouraged, feeling connected, feeling supported, and feeling strengthened by the knowledge that they are loved and they are not alone.


DGL Coordinator

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