MOPS MEETING 1-7-15 “Courage to Face Mom Fears”-video Sherry Surratt

It’s been well-established by now that every MOPS meeting at FBC, Midlothian provides an opportunity for moms to enjoy a good breakfast, maybe win a special door prize, definitely visit with friends, and perhaps participate in a few creative activities or games all while their precious children have fun in the well-planned MOPPETS program designed just for them. And that’s exactly what occurred once again when local mothers of preschoolers met together for the first MOPS meeting of the spring semester. And while it is true that this time of food, fellowship, and fun was both necessary and beneficial for the tired mothers of preschoolers, it was not necessarily the most important blessing for the women in attendance that morning.

Perhaps the biggest blessings were realized during those precious minutes that were set aside and dedicated to small group discussion time. For it was within those minutes of meaningful conversation that truth and authenticity were given a chance to reveal themselves, to touch anxious hearts, and to sooth worried minds. For it was during those minutes that the MOPS members bravely explored the real fears they all had as mothers of young children.

And as fears were revealed in a safe environment free from judgment or condemnation, the weight of those fears was lightened as moms discovered that they were not alone in their fears at all. For fear and worry can be found in the heart of every mother at one time or another, and every mother should be encouraged to lay those fears courageously at the very feet of Jesus.

Fear in motherhood can be devastating, robbing mothers of their peace and joy. But, it takes courage to acknowledge those fears, name them, take appropriate actions to overcome those fears, and eventually let them go. Such a daunting task is made slightly easier with the help and understanding, encouragement and prayers of other mothers who understand and can truly empathize, because they have often found themselves in the grip of fear too.

And these authentic conversations, this stripping down of pretense, this journey into vulnerability, and this path into courageous bravery are often the most precious blessings that MOPS has to offer. A chance to be heard, to be understood, and to be accepted is a gift to all moms. A chance to be encouraged, to be supported, and to be loved is what all moms need. And moms find these gifts and blessings at MOPS of Midlothian over and over again. For MOPS moms know that better moms make a better world, and no mom should be left to mother alone.

Lis Espinoza

DGL Coordinator


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