MOPS MEETING 2-4-15 “Courage to Be Passionate” Speaker Ben Condray

Whenever Ben Condray speaks at a MOPS meeting at FBC, Midlothian, empty seats are hard to find. And that was certainly the case when he spoke at a recent MOPS meeting. Since MOPS moms have been exploring “bravery” and “courage” throughout this MOPS year, Ben took the opportunity to speak about the “Courage to Be Passionate in Marriage”. With a topic so relevant to MOPS moms, everyone in the meeting room listened attentively and took detailed notes on the wise ideas that Ben shared with his customary humor and openness.

Ben explained that in order to have passion in her marriage, each MOPS mom needs to have the courage to pursue her husband by showing interest in what interests him. She needs to have the courage to protect her husband’s privacy, his pride, his reputation, and his feelings. She also needs to praise her husband often and pray for him with a thankful heart. A MOPS mom wanting to promote passion in her marriage also needs to pull her husband close and make physical intimacy a priority.

A meaningful message from Ben was just one part of this highly anticipated MOPS meeting. MOPS moms also savored a full breakfast provided by the members of the Bravely Blue table group. Then, haircuts, generously donated by the talented MOPS mom, Laura, were given away as door prizes. Also, everyone enjoyed a lengthy time of authentic, table group discussion.

It was truly a meeting that did not disappoint. When the MOPS moms left, they did so with the encouragement they needed to courageously pursue passion in their marriages even as they continue bravely on their journey through motherhood.




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