When they met together at FBC, Midlothian for their second March meeting, MOPS moms took the opportunity to reflect on the Easter story and the hope they have through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Since the cross is a meaningful symbol of Easter and Christ’s sacrificial love, and also serves as a reminder of the salvation that is made possible through Jesus, a special craft time was planned for the moms to make beaded crosses out of nails and wire. While the MOPS moms strung beads, twisted wire, and created their special Easter crosses, they also bravely shared their testimonies and their stories of faith with their table group friends.

In addition to fellowship and crafting, MOPS moms also enjoyed eating a scrumptious breakfast provided by the members of the Audacious Auburn table group. Then, door prizes of specially chosen books were given away to three MOPS moms who were delighted to receive them. An extra opportunity for fellowship was appreciated when moms were given the chance to visit with members of other table groups in order to describe themselves in three words and begin developing new friendships.

From hearing encouraging stories of faith, to reflecting on Easter and the cross of Christ, to sharing a meal with friends, moms from all over the local community were blessed once again by the MOPS program and the hope it endeavors to provide to women as they journey together through the joys and struggles of motherhood.


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