Not long ago, in the middle of April, MOPS moms met once again at FBC, Midlothian to enjoy a time of breakfast and fellowship. Following the delicious breakfast provided by the moms from the Courageous Coral table group, several amazing door prizes were generously given away. Then, while seated at their table groups, moms could be heard enthusiastically laughing through an entertaining game of “Never Have I Ever”.

The truths that were humorously revealed through the group game flowed nicely into the theme of the meeting, which was “Courage to Share Your Story”. In the MOPS, International DVD segment that was shared, Carol Kuykendal, explained that there are three levels of vulnerability that women enter into when sharing their stories. The first level of vulnerability simply reveals basic information, while the second level becomes more vulnerable through the sharing of feelings. The third level of sharing is the most vulnerable as life-defining details are revealed.

Carol explained that fear often stops women from sharing their stories beyond the first level of vulnerability. Women often fear their stories will be too boring, or that they will reveal too much about themselves. It takes real courage to share a piece of oneself, but it is through authentic sharing that connections are made. When women tell their stories, they experience a sense of freedom, because they have let go of the fear they carried when holding the weight of their stories on their own. Sharing opens the door for healing, because the details of our stories help to provide validation and promote understanding and acceptance. Carol encouraged MOPS moms to be brave and to share a little bit more of their stories than they thought they could. She challenged moms to practice “courageous vulnerability” in their relationships with other moms.

After viewing the video, MOPS moms were given the opportunity to practice “courageous vulnerability” by sharing their stories on a more intimate level with the other women at their table groups. It was truly a meaningful time of small-group discussion that made it possible for deeper connections to be formed and friendships to be strengthened. When the discussion time ended, MOPS moms left the MOPS meeting with encouraged hearts and a renewed sense that they are not alone on their motherhood journey.


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