MOPS MEETING RECAP-Speaker Sarah Beth Marr “Fuel for Mommas”

We may all have different ideas and opinions about diapers, feedings, discipline, and myriad other issues we face as mothers raising young children, but something we all have in common is the need for rest. Motherhood can be exhausting physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and we must each find practical ways to nurture our own body, mind, and soul. When guest speaker, Sarah Beth Marr, visited the MOPS group at FBC Midlothian at the beginning of March, she shared practical strategies that tired, busy moms could use to incorporate self-care into their daily routines.

To take care of their physical well-being, Sarah suggested that MOPS moms try to take a walk outside everyday as an opportunity to breath fresh air, pray, and de-stress. She suggested that moms might also want to let go of the guilt and make time for activities that make them feel good, such as getting a massage, a pedicure, a manicure, or even a nice haircut. Tired moms would also benefit from drinking plenty of water, taking an occasional nap, or soaking in a warm bubble bath.

To improve their emotional well-being, Sarah strongly encouraged MOPS moms to take breaks every day. Whether the break ends up being 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or more, it will help moms to refresh their emotions. Other activities that overwhelmed moms can include in their daily routines in order to nurture their emotional well-being could include date nights, social media breaks, decluttering, keeping a simplified schedule, writing dreams and goals in a journal, making time for a hobby, and participating in a support group like MOPS.

To nurture their spiritual well-being, Sarah recommended that MOPS moms strive for daily time with God in practical, realistic ways. Moms can pray while holding their children or while folding laundry. Moms can read one Bible verse every morning, or even read one chapter in their Bible before checking email, texts, or social media. Moms can play worship music at home while doing chores, or in the car while driving. Wherever moms are and whatever they are doing, they can always talk to God and improve their spiritual well-being through prayer and worship.

Not only did this MOPS meeting feature a great, guest speaker encouraging moms to rest, to relax, and to take care of themselves, the meeting also gave MOPS moms the opportunity to do just that. The MOPS moms were able to relax and enjoy a delicious breakfast provided by the members of the Audacious Auburn table group. MOPS moms were also excited to win the door prizes of relaxing spa-themed items, and they even had fun playing an energetic game of musical chairs. Table group discussions on the topic of rest and self-care made the meeting experience even more encouraging. MOPS moms left feeling inspired to make various little changes that would have big impacts on their overall physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being as women and as mothers.


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