Meeting Info.

Please join us at FBC Midlothian in the Loft. Please contact to check for childcare availability.

  All of our forms can be found in our Members Section. We look forward to meeting you!

We Meet Every First and Third Wednesday of the Month from 9:30-11:30am. Our NEW semester starts on September 7th


September 7th
September 21st

October 5th
October 19th

November 2nd
November 16th

December 7th

No meeting on December 21st due to Christmas break.


January 4th
January 18th

February 1st
February 15th

March  1st
March 15th

April 5th
April 19th

May 3rd

May 17th




Other Information from Welcome Packet, Polices and Procedures



Enrollment is possible any time of the year, as long as space is available.  When our program is operating at capacity, a waiting list is established for interested families. Space is made available by openings in the classes of our children’s ministry, MOPPETS.  When openings occur in the MOPPETS classes, the MOPPETS chairperson will use her judgment to place families with children of the appropriate age from the waiting list.  Please ask for the waiting list policy if further clarification is needed.



Dues and fees are paid by semester and are due at the first MOPS meeting each semester.


Dues for fall semester are as follows:

FBC, Midlothian MOPS dues:

$40 No childcare

$55 One child in MOPPETS

$60 Two children in MOPPETS

$63 Three children in MOPPETS

$65 Four or more children in MOPPETS

MOPS International fee: $24.95 paid once for entire 2016-2017 MOPS year


Dues for spring semester are as follows:

FBC, Midlothian MOPS dues: TBD based on results of Fall Fundraisers


The FBC, Midlothian MOPS dues are used to purchase refreshments and craft supplies and to cover other administrative costs associated with the program as well as pay for the childcare needs.  A woman joining MOPS after the semester has begun can pay a prorated fee based on the month in which she joins MOPS.

**We do charge $5.00 per child per meeting if dues have not been paid. Also, visiting moms must pay $5 per child.


The $24.95 MOPS International fee goes to MOPS International and is paid once a year.  In return, moms receive “Hello, Darling” magazine, a welcome packet full of great items, as well as other special benefits that change from year to year.  This fee is paid in full no matter what time of year you join MOPS and will not be prorated, as the benefits remain the same all year long.



Scholarships are available to moms who have financial limitations.  A limited number of partial scholarships are available each year.  MOPS expects moms to pay at least 50% of their MOPS fees.  If you cannot pay 50%, please speak to our finance chairperson.  If you would like to apply for a scholarship, an application must be completed and submitted to the finance chairperson as soon as possible before the first MOPS meeting.  All information will remain confidential among the scholarship committee.  Individuals will be notified prior to their first meeting if they are recipients. Recipients of MOPS scholarships will be expected to serve in the MOPPETS childcare program during one MOPS meeting per semester.




Children are dropped off in the Noah’s Neighborhood nursery area, and mothers meet in the Loft (upstairs to the left).  Moms have social time, breakfast buffet, announcements, a brief prayer and a presentation on a special topic which has been chosen to teach and encourage mothers.  Each meeting focuses on a different aspect of family life, marriage, childcare, or self-development.  Moms are organized into discussion groups to discuss the presented topic.  During each semester, moms will also enjoy making a variety of simple crafts during discussion time.



When you and your child arrive at FBC Midlothian go to the right of the church, use the computers to print off your child’s nametag and attach it to the back of your child’s clothing, if you have not pre-registered then you will need to walk into Noah’s Neighborhood and get your children registered there.  Once you have the name tags with the parent’s tag you can drop off your children and join us in the loft.



Please label all children’s belongings.  Dress children appropriately, since older children go out to the playground as weather permits.  If your child is starting to potty train, please discuss this with the teacher so they will be better able to respond to the child’s needs. We have a nut-free policy at FBC and ask that you do not bring any items containing nuts to MOPPETS.

For children in the nursery, a sign-in sheet is provided for you to inform teachers about your child’s special needs. Let them know if your child is breast- or bottle-fed, when they are likely to be hungry again, and what snacks your child may or may not have.  If your child is bottle-fed, please provide enough formula/milk for 2 hours.  Also, leave a labeled diaper bag with the child. The bag should include diapers, wipes and labeled bottles or sippy cups.



Babies that are 6 months of age or more are to be taken to MOPPETS.  We all love our babies, but they can be very distracting both to the mother and others.  The ladies who work in MOPPETS love your child and will give your child the best care they can.  We are VERY fortunate to have MOPPETS, as most MOPS groups do not.  Please take advantage of the resource MOPPETS provides and enjoy your time at MOPS!  If any problem should arise with your child, Kelli Sieglar (director of MOPPETS) will bring him or her to you.



Please do not bring your child(ren) if they have had a contagious cough, any fever in the last 24 hours, green runny nose, vomiting, diarrhea, or any other contagious illness within the last 24 hours prior to the MOPS meeting.



When repeated absences are noted, it is only fair to allow other mothers and children who are on the waiting list a spot in the MOPS/MOPPETS program to fill the empty slots in the children’s ministry.  A mother who misses TWO consecutive MOPS meetings will be contacted by a Steering Team member to determine if she is still interested in attending MOPS.  If so, she and her child(ren) will be asked to resign from the MOPS/MOPPETS rosters, and will receive a prorated refund of FBC, Midlothian MOPS semester dues.  Special consideration is made for mothers in trying circumstances.  Women who leave their children and do not attend the meetings will also be dismissed from the program.




It is not permitted to use MOPS as a forum to promote products or personal businesses or services, including distribution of invitations to parties, discussion of businesses or products, or arranging activities on non-meeting days. Meetings should focus on appropriate topics and remain a pleasant place to be.  It is the responsibility of the steering committee to select appropriate topics and to inform outside speakers of our no-solicitation policy.  Likewise, mothers must not aggressively promote their products or services during meetings.



As a courtesy to all mothers in the group, please be sure to turn off your cell phone or set it to vibrate during our meetings.  If you feel you must make or accept calls during our meetings, please leave the meeting area while speaking on the phone. Your cooperation is appreciated! MOPS is a wonderful program, and we want everyone to have an enjoyable time to celebrate being a MOM!



Moms Night Out events and Play Date opportunities will be scheduled on a monthly basis. These events take place on non-MOPS meeting days or evenings. Attendance at these events is not required, but is highly encouraged and recommended to further enrich the overall MOPS experience.



MOPS expenditures often exceed the dues collected.  For that reason, our MOPS group will do several fundraisers per year, in an effort to keep dues affordable. As a member, you will be asked to participate in these fundraisers. Participation in fundraisers is encouraged, but not required.



MOPS International believes that, “Better moms make a better world.” To that end, outreach projects will be offered each semester so that MOPS moms will have the opportunity to bless others in their local community and in the world. Participation in outreach projects is encouraged, but not required.



MOPS members will have the opportunity to submit prayer requests at every meeting. These prayer requests will be prayed over by the Steering Team leaders and other MOPS members when appropriate. MOPS members also have the opportunity to serve each other by providing meals for one another in the event of a surgery, bereavement, or birth of a new baby.


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