What is MOPPETS?

The purpose of MOPPETS is to provide a safe, welcoming environment where your children can experience the love of Christ first hand through the care and nurture of our MOPPETS workers.

A Typical Day in MOPPETS:

Your infant and one year old will be very busy exploring new things. Teachers will use bubbles, balls, songs, and one-on-one games to keep children giggling. Your toddlers and preschoolers are very busy playing games, listening to Bible stories, making crafts and eating snacks. Taking a trip to the playground is sure to be their all-time favorite activity.

For the 2016/2017 year: Newborns-2 years old will learn from the Sing n’ Sprout music & movement curriculum. And 3-5 year olds will learn from the What’s in the Bible? Curriculum. The creators of Veggie Tales created this new video series featuring the character Buck Denver

Easing Your Child into MOPPETS:

Some moms have children that rush into their MOPPETS class and wave goodbye. Others have children that have a harder time making the transition to their class. Here are a few ideas to help smooth out drop-off time:

-Encourage your child to color a special picture for their teachers.
-Hang a calendar where your child can see it and mark the MOPS day with a special symbol or sticker.
-Set out everything: clothes, sippy cups, etc. the night before. The morning will start out smoother at home. Happy mom = happy kids!
-Make sure your child gets a good night sleep and a healthy breakfast so they are not tired or hungry.
-Get to know the teachers’ names and a couple other friends’ names that your child has in class. Build excitement the day before toward seeing      the friends or teachers.
-Ask another mom to check on your child after a tough parting and bring a report back. It really can be tough on the little one to see you out in the hallway!
-Display artwork and projects from the previous MOPPETS days. As the next meeting approaches, compliment your child’s work and say you can’t wait to see what they bring home next.

Health Care

In order to preserve the good health of those in MOPPETS, both moms and workers should be aware of general health concerns and policies. Please note the following policies, which determine whether or not a child should be in MOPPETS.

If your child has any of the following symptoms and/or illnesses, they should NOT attend:

-Fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or runny nose in the previous 24 hours
-Has been receiving antibiotic medication for less than 48 hours
-A fresh cold with sneezing or requiring frequent nose blowing/wiping
-A questionable rash (Impetigo, measles, mumps, active chicken pox or conjunctivitis (pink eye))

Two other things to note:
Please let us know of all food allergies that your child has.
Please remember to mark all cups, bags, etc. with your child’s name; there are labels during check-in.


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