Registration Info: A lot of work goes into each meeting, so it’s essential that you register with our Midlothian group. Registering means you’ll receive invites to our meetings, play dates, and mom’s night out events.

If you’re ready to join our group here are the steps to do so!

  1. Fill out this form:
  2. And pay online using this link:


Dues for fall semester are:

Dues for the spring semester are:


MOPS International fee: $29.95 (early bird pricing) or $31.95 (if paid June 1, 2017 or later) paid ONCE for entire 2017-2018 MOPS year.

When you become a member of MOPS, there is a fee involved to help keep our local group up and running. The money goes to paying for the childcare workers (if you choose to partake in the child-care option), and the rest of the money goes for compensating our speakers, the crafts, and other service projects throughout the year.

If money is the only thing stopping you from joining us, please email, because some scholarships are available!

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