Why Mops?


Want to be the Best Mom Possible? You Are Not Alone.

You are invited to a community of moms just for you!

For nearly 40 years, over one million moms have met in MOPS groups in the United States and in over 32 countries. A MOPS group is a dynamic, inviting environment where women can come just as they are to build friendships, be encouraged by each other and gain practical parenting strategies. Moms get together to share food, laugh and hear inspiring speakers.

While moms are in a MOPS meeting, their children are lovingly cared for in the MOPPETS program.

In a MOPS group, you experience authentic community, mothering support, personal growth and spiritual hope, all to help you be the best mom possible.

Mothers of Preschoolers


Welcome to the MOPS Community


MOPS understands moms, because we know the unique joys and challenges of this early season of mothering. Through a MOPS group, moms help each other become better moms while learning new parenting skills and developing new friendships.



The MOPS Group Experience provides relevant, growth-oriented resources for the mothering journey. Through MOPS, moms can learn mothering skills and strengthen supportive relationships while children are cared for in the nurturing environment of MOPPETS.


A MOPS community provides a place to anchor your hope and share your joys and frustrations with other moms. The relationships that develop within a group help you sustain hope during the daily act of mothering, even when you feel you have no more of yourself to give.



While your children will outgrow different stages of their life, you’ll never outgrow what you gain
at MOPS. MOPS equips you with parenting knowledge and leadership skills to better influence your family, community and world.

MOPS provides:

• Mom-approved resources such as: MomSense Magazine
MOPS books on parenting
MOPS.org – an online mom community

• Marriage and family support • Church community


Better Moms Make A Better World.


What Do Moms Need Today?

Churches that focus on moms and young families find MOPS to be a vibrant ministry opportunity.

The challenges of mothering change with every generation, but the needs of the mom are timeless. At the forefront of research
on early mothering, MOPS International thoughtfully designs annual curriculum and timely resources to help moms understand their unique influence in their families and their world.

MOPS Meets Critical Needs.

There are 24 million moms, between the ages of 23-45, of young children in the United States

Roughly 27% of women feel prepared for mothering

More moms than ever do not have a true friend

40% of babies born today are born to single moms 
MOPS is the best in the world at creating authentic communities of growth that invite women into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Spirituality of moms outpaces that of dads

Roughly 78% of moms are the strongest influencers of bringing their kids and families to church on a regular basis


Recent Research by the Barna Group Shows A Mom Involved in MOPS Is:

Mentally, emotionally and physically healthy — and understands these qualities are essential for her to be truly “present” with her family

Willing to reach out to love a neighbor

Spending quality time with her kids

Raising her children effectively into adulthood

Guiding her children into a relationship with Jesus Christ



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